Trelica API

The API documents are currently being transitioned to a new documentation system.

These pages provide core-information but end-points are currently described here.

Who is the API for?

The Trelica API is designed for technical users at Trelica customers, and also for developers wanting to integrate their products with Trelica.

If you're a developer wanting to integrate your product with Trelica, then you can sign up for a trial account to get started.

How do I use the API?

A good starting point is Postman. You can get started here:

Run in Postman

For authentication you can use both the Client Credentials Flow or Authorization Code Flow with Postman, but we'd recommend getting started with the Client Credentials OAuth flow.

We've also published a Powershell module which will help get you started if you're using the API from scripts:

What can I do with the API?

The API covers many core areas of Trelica including applications, people, contracts, workflows, the audit log, and users. The API is under incremental development, so if there are features that you need that aren't currently supported please reach out to us.

How is the API designed?

The API is a modern, RESTful API. It is built on secure, widely adopted standards.

Authentication and authorization use OAuth 2.0, either using Client Credentials or Authorization Code flows. Client Credentials is appropriate if you are connecting to access your own data; Authorization Code flow is best if you are a software developer wanting to let your users access their Trelica data in your application.

If you're configuring OAuth then your tool or library might support the "well-known" OpenID configuration standard. The Trelica URL for this is:

Regardless of which OAuth flow you choose, all access is governed by Scopes which determine what you are allowed to see and do with the API.

The flow and the scopes you want to use to connect are bundled together by an API App. You can define an App yourself in Trelica. Apps can either have local access, or if you are a software developer, you may want to publish the app so that mutual customers can access their Trelica data from your product.

This documentation uses when referencing end-points. If you are hosted on our EU environment, then please use instead of when accessing the API.

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