Scopes define what an API App is allowed to do when it accesses the Trelica API. Aligned with information security best-practice, we strongly recommend choosing just the scopes that you need to access through the API.

When you create an API App you must select which scopes will be available to clients connecting with the app credentials.

If you use the Authorization Code flow, your application can request one or more of these scopes, and the user will be asked to consent to authorizing your application to access these sorts of Trelica data.

Scope Description
Apps.Read Read-only access to applications
Apps.Users.Read Read-only access to application users
Assets.Read Read-only access to assets
Assets.Write Write access to assets
AuditLog.Read Read-only access to the Trelica audit log
Contracts.Read Read-only access to contracts
Contracts.Write Write access to contracts
People.Read Read-only access to people
People.Write Write access to people
Users.Read Read-only access to users with access to Trelica
Workflows.Read Read-only access to workflow definitions
Workflows.Runs.Read Read-only access to workflow runs
Workflows.Runs.Execute Execute workflow run actions
Workflows.Runs.ReadSecrets Read workflow run secrets
offline_access Returns a refresh token, as well as an access token (as part of the Authorization Code flow)

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