Publishing your app

Trelica is an open platform and we encourage other software developers to add integration to Trelica.

The Authorization Code flow makes the connection experience for your customers very simple:

  • It's easy: users don't need to find and enter API keys -- they simply click to consent to access
  • It's secure: access is limited to pre-defined scopes, so users know exactly what data is being shared
  • It's controlled: users can revoke access in Trelica at any time

If you want other Trelica customers to access your integration then you need to publish it.

Make sure you've fully tested your integration before you publish. Publishing your application requires an approval process, and any subsequent changes will need re-approval.

Submitting a request to publish your app

Just choose Publish in the menu. This only shows for Authorization Code Flow API Apps.

Next, fill in some contact details. The public support email is the one your users will be referred to if they have any problems with the integration.

The escalation email is for Trelica's internal use only. This should be for a person or group in your technical team who is responsible for the integration. We will reach out to this email address in order to arrange to test your integration.

Once you've completed this, click Publish.

Approval process

Once you publish, then our approval process begins. We will reach out to the escalation email contact within 5 working days of submission. Typically we require access to a test environment for your product, so that we can go through end-to-end steps for the integration.

Please contact if you have any questions about this process.

Until your app is approved, it will show in the Pending Approval state.

Published API apps

Once approved, we will notify you and the app will show in the Published state.

The published version of your API app will have a slightly different Client ID. This is so that you can make changes locally in the event that you need to change something, like adding additional scopes, without impacting your users, until you are ready to republish.

The published Client ID has the PUB_ prefix, e.g.


If at any time you want to unpublish your application then you can do so:

If you make changes to your app, e.g. changing scopes, then the application will be shown in the Published with changes state until you resubmit for publication.

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