Trelica connects with Netdocuments using the OAuth2 protocol.

This is a straightforward and secure way to connect two applications.

It involves logging in to Netdocuments and confirming that you are happy to give Trelica permission to access certain data or functionality.

Preparing to connect

Before connecting Netdocuments you must first register a ticket with API Support at

Select Sign in to sign in to the NetDocuments support. If needed select Sign up to create a support account.

Once you have signed into NetDocuments support, select Submit a Request.

Select "API Support" for the Select your help-desk field. For subject enter "Request Dev Portal account".

When the ticket is processed, your Dev Portal account is created, and you’ll receive an email to login.

You can use the “Developer Portal & App Directory Guide” for the details to create an application.

At the time of registration, the application client ID and client secret are automatically generated. Store these values securely for use when enabling the integration with Trelica.

You should select "Confidential" for the Client Type.

Client Credentials Identity Mapping

Before connecting Trelica, a repository administrator must first define a mapping between the client ID issued to you by Netdocuments, and the identity of an account that Trelica will impersonate while operating in the repository.

The recommended best practice is to create a separate identity in Netdocuments to map to Trelica. This makes it easier to determine which actions were performed by Trelica when reviewing administrative action log records.

This mapping is defined by going to the repository administration page and then clicking on the Service Account link. Trelica will access Netdocuments with the permissions of the mapped identity within the repository specified when obtaining the access token and will not have access to any other repositories.

These permissions are further limited by the scope specified when obtaining the access token ('admin' and 'read').

Enabling the integration

  1. In Trelica, go to Admin > Integrations and find Netdocuments.
  2. Click on the icon to see the details of the integration.
  3. Click Connect.
  4. Enter the values for Client ID and Client Secret that you generated earlier.

    You may be prompted for additional values, or be able to choose the features you want to enable. The permissions requested by Trelica may vary depending on the features selected. You can review these in the Required permissions section.

  5. Click Connect again if required and you will be redirected to the login screen for Netdocuments.
  6. Log in when requested, and click to grant permissions to Trelica if asked.

If you logged in successfully you will be taken back to Trelica and the integration will start running.

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