Trelica connects with Asana using the OAuth2 protocol.

This is a straightforward and secure way to connect two applications.

It involves logging in to Asana and confirming that you are happy to give Trelica permission to access certain data or functionality.

Where possible we recommend using a service account to connect, since the access is tied to the user you log in to Asana with. The integration will stop working if this user’s account in Asana is deactivated.

  1. Go to Admin > Integrations and find Asana.
  2. Click on the icon to see the details of the integration.
  3. Click Connect
  4. Choose the additional features you would like to enable.

    The permissions requested by Trelica may vary depending on the features selected. You can review these in the Required permissions section.

    If you select Provisioning, Deprovisioning or User activity you will be asked to provide an Asana service account token. This requires an Asana Enterprise plan. To create a token, in Asana:
    • Navigate to the Admin Console
    • Choose Apps in the menu on the left
    • Click Add service account
    • Enter a name (Trelica)
    • Under Permission scopes, select the relevant scopes. This will depend on the features you have enabled:
      • (De)provisioning requires User provisioning (SCIM)
      • User activity requires Audit Logs
    • Click to Copy the token
    • Click Save changes
  5. Click Connect again if required and you will be redirected to the login screen for Asana.
  6. Log in when requested, and click to grant permissions to Trelica if asked.

If you logged in successfully you will be taken back to Trelica and the integration will start running.

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