VMware Carbon Black

Create an access level

  1. Go to your Carbon Black Cloud console, and open the Add Access Level panel from Settings > API Access > Access Levels tab.

  2. Give the access level a unique name e.g. Trelica Access (you will need this for creating your API Key) and give it a description.

  3. From the table below, scroll down until you see the API Service Category. Some Service Categories have multiple permissions that can be configured.

  4. Select the required permissions are required for each call. Permissions can be “Create”, “Read”, “Update”, and “Delete”.

    Manage Users Read

Create an API key

  1. To create an API Key, go to Settings > API Access > API Keys tab in the Carbon Black Cloud console.

  2. Select Add API Key from the far right.

  3. Give the API Key a unique name, and select the appropriate access level provided in the table above. If you select Custom, you will need to choose the Access Level you created in the prior section.

    • Choose a name to clearly distinguish the API from your organization’s other API Keys. Example: Event_Forwarder_Test_Key
    • You can also add Authorized IP addresses and a description. You can optionally add the Trelica IP addresses for enhanced security.
  4. Hit save, and you will be provided with your API Key Credentials:

    • API Secret Key
    • API ID

    If you need to view this at a later date you can view your credentials by opening the Actions dropdown and selecting API Credentials. This will reveal your API Secret Key and API ID.

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    Steve Poe

    Integration with Carbon Black notes that asset tracking/management is possible. However, the documentation here does not elaborate on how to enable that functionality. 


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