When connecting Airtable to Trelica, you will be asked for a Personal Access Token. This guide explains how to obtain one.

  1. Go to
  2. Click Create new token.
  3. Enter Trelica as the name of the token.
  4. Select the following scopes:
    • enterprise.scim.usersAndGroups:manage
    • enterprise.user:read
    • enterprise.groups:read
    • enterprise.account:read
    • workspacesAndBases:read
    • workspacesAndBases:write
  5. Click Add a base to grant the token access to a base or workspace.
    If you are enabling the Licenses and activity feature on the integration you will need to grant access to all workspaces and bases. There is an option to do this which doesn't require selecting each base individually.
  6. Copy your token into Trelica.

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