You can get started by connecting to Lucid from Trelica using OAuth to grant Trelica access to:

  • Sync users, including their roles within Lucid.

Additional features (with SCIM)

To take full advantage of the Lucid integration, you'll want to connect with User licenses, Provisioning or Deprovisioning enabled, which will require a SCIM bearer token. With SCIM enabled Trelica can offer the following additional features:

  • Sync more detailed user information such as their status in Lucid and which products they are assigned a license for
  • Sync groups
  • Create users
  • Suspend users
  • Assign/unassign licenses to users
  • Transfer of user content to another user when unassigning a user's last Lucid license

You must be an administrator of Lucid in order to connect with Trelica; and you must have a Lucid Enterprise plan with SCIM enabled in order to connect with Provisioning or Deprovisioning enabled.

Connecting to Lucid from Trelica

To connect, simply go to Admin > Integrations > Lucid and click on the Connect button in Trelica:

eu.trelica.com_Admin_Integrations_Lucid_Trelica_Screenshot_.pngYou will then be taken to Lucid and asked to consent to Trelica accessing specific elements of your Lucid data:


Finding a SCIM bearer token

In your Lucid product, go to Admin > App Integration > SCIM

Click Generate token and Lucid will populate the Bearer Token field.

Click Copy.

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