We recommend using UKG's Reports as a Service (RaaS) function to let Trelica access UKG data. This allows you to very specifically control what data UKG provides to Trelica (e.g. so that sensitive data like SSN are not exposed).

The process involves setting up a report in UKG and then raising a support ticket with UKG to get appropriate permissions assigned.

Creating the report

The report should contain the following fields:

  • Employee Number
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Employee Email
  • Job
  • Employment Status
  • Employment Type
  • Last Hire Date
  • Termination Date
  • Supervisor Email
  • EepDatetimeCreated

Optionally you may include:

  • Last Day Worked
  • Cost Center
  • Location (or Location Name)
  • Department
  • Preferred First Name (will be prioritized over First Name)

Additionally you will need the IBM Cognos report ID to send to UKG support.

To locate this, find the report in IBM Cognos, view the Advanced properties for the report, and cut and paste the ID field

Creating a Service Account

Trelica authenticates with UKG Pro using a UKG Service Account.

You can create a service account in UKG under System Configuration > Security > Service Account Administration. You can give it any name, but we suggest Trelica.

Read more about creating the web services account and assigning it the proper credentials here:

Publishing the report to the IBM Cognos RaaS service

Before Trelica can access your UKG report, you must submit a service case via the UKG Customer Success Portal to request service account access to Reports-as-a-Service.

You will need to send them:

  • The name and ID of the report
  • The name of the UKG Service Account you created.

The UKG Business Intelligence team will need to:

  • Create a top-level folder 
  • Move the report into this folder
  • Set permissions on the folder so that the Service Account you created has access.

Due to the way UKG permissions work in the Cognos reporting service it's very important that the Business Intelligence team create the folder and set permissions so that this is the only folder Trelica can access.

The folder should only contain one report in order to limt the data accessible by Trelica.

Service accounts in UKG with the 'BI Consumer Role' however may not be restricted on the IBM Cognos side to only see 1 report.

In this case, UKG will need to assign the 'Portal Admin Lite' role in IBM Cognos reporting to the "BI Consumer (Core)" role in UKG Pro. After this the UKG team member assisting you will need to go into each of your company folders and restrict access to the service account.

Connecting with Trelica

You will need to enter the following information into Trelica to authenticate:

  • the user name and password of the UKG Service Account (which you just created)
  • a valid Customer Identifier
  • a User API Key (available on the UKG Pro Web Service administrative page)
  • the URL of your UKG instance

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