Getting started

To integrate Trelica with Talkdesk you'll need to set up an OAuth Client in Talkdesk.

To do this, login to Builder.

If you don't see the OAuth Client option, then you may need to contact Talkdesk's support team.

In your message you should write:

We are wanting to connect to the Talkdesk API using Client Credentials authentication. Your documentation ( says that you can enable the OAuth clients option in Builder if we raise a ticket

Specific points on each step

The Talkdesk help article is deliberately generic and there are some specific settings required to get Trelica to connect:

Step 3

Only check Client Credentials under Grant type (and not Refresh token, or Authorization code). With that selection made you should not be required to provide a Redirect URL.

Step 4

Check the scopes data-reports:read and users:read

Step 5

Copy the Client ID and Client Secret. You'll need these to configure the Trelica integration (along with the Talkdesk account name you used to login to Talkdesk Builder).

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