HTTP 400 Bad Request

An HTTP 400 Bad Request is returned when the syntax of your API request is incorrect. The response body contains JSON containing more detail.

Attribute Description
errors Object containing error details. Attributes names relate to the field causing the error.
type URL. URL pointing to the reason for the error (typically
title String. Broad description of the error, e.g. One or more validation errors occurred.
status Number (400)
extensions Object containing traceId string for error correlation


    "errors": {
        "patch": [
            "The patch field is required."
        "leavingDate": [
            "Error converting value \"2020-40-40\" to type 'System.Nullable`1[System.DateTime]'. Path 'leavingDate', line 2, position 31."
    "type": "",
    "title": "One or more validation errors occurred.",
    "status": 400,
    "extensions": {
        "traceId": "00-91e4405b75d06e4db212d2d0ccfede2b-d3eb9bf0ff405244-00"

HTTP 500 Internal Server Error

You should not, as a rule, receive HTTP 500 Internal Server Error responses. If you do, the body will contain a generic JSON message:

    "type": "Exception",
    "message": "An error has occurred"

Please contact with more details of the API request you were making when this happened so that we can diagnose and resolve for you.

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