Generating a token to connect to Trelica

The best way to authenticate with the Tableau API is with a Personal Access Token. This must be generated for an administrator account.

Personal Access Tokens expire after 15 days of inactivity, or after approximately 1 year. If this happens you will need to create a new Personal Access Token in Tableau and reconnect the integration in Trelica.

Click on your profile icon and choose My Account Settings:

Scroll down and find Personal Access Tokens.

Enter the name (we recommend Trelica), and click Create new token:

This will generate a new Token Secret. Click Copy to clipboard and then paste this into Trelica.

Creating user accounts

When you create a user in Tableau from Trelica you must choose an authentication method. 

Password with MFA

The user will be sent an email containing a link. This link lets them set their password and specify their first and last name. The user must also set up a secondary factor for authentication.


The user will be able to login with their Salesforce account credentials. No email is sent.


The user will be connecting to Tableau through an identity provider using SAML2. No email is sent.

When you create a user you must also specify the role (and therefore the license) that the user will be assigned.

If there are no licences of the appropriate type remaining, the user will not be assigned a license. Trelica will show a note against the workflow step if this occurs, since without a license the user will not be able to login to Tableau.

Deleting users

When you connect the Tableau integration you will have to specify who to transfer resources to: either the line manager, or a nominated 'service' user account in Tableau.


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