SAP Cloud Platform

Connecting to SAP Cloud Platform needs an SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication tenant, and a user account in SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication with Administrator permissions.

Adding a System as an Administrator in SAP

For more information you can read the official SAP documentation.

Sign in to your Admin Console (typically https://<tenantId> unless you have configured a custom domain).

Go to Users & Authorizations > Administrators in the menu on the left.

Click the +Add button to add a new administrator, and then choose Add System and enter the name of the system (e.g. Trelica).

If you create a normal admin user, rather than a system admin user, you may receive authorization errors.

In the Configure Authorizations section, set Read Users, Manage Users and Manage Groups to ON.

You will be sent an email to activate your account and set a password. Copy the User ID and Password as you will need to enter these into Trelica. ****

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