Installing Trelica on your account

Prior to connecting you must first install the Trelica app on your account.

To start this process, click here.

Once you have logged in to, you will be shown a screen asking if you would like to install the Trelica app.

Click Install:

Monday install Trelica.png

You will then be shown a screen confirming that Trelica has been installed on

Monday installed apps.png

Connecting to from Trelica

Now go back to Trelica and find under Admin > Integrations, or click here.

Monday connect option.png

Click Connect in Trelica, and then Authorize Trelica's access to

Monday authorize connection.png

Deprovisioning set-up

Deprovisioning is only available if you have a Enterprise plan.

When you connect to Trelica you may want to enable deprovisioning. This requires a SCIM URL and token.

These can be found by clicking on your avatar and then choosing Admin > Security > SCIM.

Monday security SCIM.png

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