When you try to connect JetBrains to Trelica you will be asked for a customer code and API token. This article shows you how to find the customer code and API token.

Connecting to JetBrains from Trelica

Log in and navigate to JetBrains Account > Licenses.

Click on your organization name:

Now choose Administration > Enable API.

If you don't see the API option, yuo may need to reach out to JetBrains support to get Account API access enabled.

Find out more in this JetBrains help article.

Customer code is a unique organization ID displayed near the corresponding company name on the same page.

If the API is not already enabled, click Enable API.

To generate an API token, navigate to click Generate Token after enabling the API.

Exporting a spreadsheet from JetBrain to import into Trelica

If you don't wish to connect to JetBrains via their Account API, you can export licenses into a spreadsheet which you can then import into Trelica.

Log in and navigate to JetBrains Account > Licenses > Administration.

On the left, click your Organization/Team name:

Click Export licenses into .xlsx:

Go to JetBrains (vendor profile) in Trelica and click the Import icon:

Upload the file, following the prompts.

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