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When you try to connect Genesys Cloud to Trelica you will be asked for a region, client ID and client secret. This article shows you how to create an OAuth client with minimal access to Genesys Cloud.

Setting up the integration in Genesys Cloud

Log in to Genesys Cloud and navigate to Admin > Integrations > OAuth.

Click Add client to reveal the Client details tab.

Input an App name such as Trelica.

For Grant types, select Client Credentials.

Input the following to Authorized redirect URIs,

If your data is hosted in our EU cloud then please substitute for in the Authorized redirect URIs.

Click the Roles tab.

Assign a minimum set of roles and associate each role with a division to ensure Trelica can access the appropriate data. You'll need to assign the SCIM Integration role.

If you cannot see SCIM Integration as a role to assign, note that to assign a role you must have the role assigned to your own profile - so you will need to assign yourself the role in order to create the OAuth client with the correct access. For more information see Genesys Cloud SCIM documentation on creating an OAuth client.

Click Save and then copy the Client ID and Client secret for the newly created OAuth client, so that it can be input when connecting from Trelica.

Connecting to Genesys Cloud from Trelica

Selecting a Genesys Cloud server region

Your Genesys Cloud organization will exist in a single region. Please select the URL that corresponds to your organization's region, e.g. for US East (Virginia) select

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