Duo Security

When you try to connect Duo to Trelica you will be asked for an API hostname, integration key and secret key. This article shows you how to find and create these keys.

To integrate with Trelica you will need a Trelica account. If you don't have one then please contact us through our website to get set-up.

You must be an administrator in Duo with the Owner role in order to connect with Trelica.

As an administrator, you may have received an invitation from someone in your IT team asking you to connect Duo to Trelica.

Log in to Duo and navigate to Applications > Protect an Application. Find Admin API within the list and click Protect.

The application Details section includes the API hostname, Integration key and Secret key that can be used when connecting Duo to Trelica.

We recommend naming the application, e.g. Trelica, so that in future you can identify the application.

Then check the following Permissions:

  • Grant administrators
  • Grant read resource

Finally, click Save Changes.

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