CrowdStrike Falcon

When you try to connect CrowdStrike to Trelica you will be asked for a client ID, secret and base URL. This article shows you how to find and create API clients.

Log in to CrowdStrike and navigate to API Clients and Keys.


Click Add new API client.


Add a Client name for the API client, e.g. Trelica and select the required API Scopes (Permissions).

These will depend on what features you want to manage through Trelica.

Feature API Scopes
Default User management (Read)

Hosts (Read)

Host Groups (Read)
Hosts (Write)
(Optional but required for host containment actions)

Falcon Discover (Read)
(Optional but provides additional information like host metrics)

Provisioning or Deprovisioning User management (Write)


Click Add to create the API client.

Copy the API client details to a safe place, each of these can then be used when connecting CrowdStrike to Trelica.



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