When you try to connect Alchemer to Trelica you will be asked for an account URL, API key and API key secret. This article shows you how to find and create an API key.

To integrate with Trelica you will need a Trelica account. If you don't have one then please contact us through our website to get set-up.

You must be an account administrator in Alchemer in order to connect with Trelica.

As an account administrator, you may have received an invitation from someone in your IT team asking you to connect Alchemer to Trelica.

Creating an API key

Login to Alchemer and navigate to Security > API Access and click Create an API Key.

Select yourself as the user and click Save.

Finding your API key

Navigate to Your API Key.

Copy the details to a safe place so that they can be used when connecting Alchemer to Trelica.

When asked for an Account URL while connecting Alchemer to Trelica, select the region according to the URL you use to login to Alchemer:

Region URL

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