Check your currency settings

You should aim to make sure that Xero and Trelica are using the same base currency. You can check this by going to Admin > Settings > Spend.

If you're on the Enterprise edition then you should make sure that the common currencies you make purchases in are added.

If you make changes then you will need to log out and log in again.

Connect to Xero

Go to Admin > Integrations and search for Xero:

Click on the Xero icon to go to the Xero connection page.

Click on Connect:

If you're not already logged in to Xero, then you will be prompted to do so.

You must log in to Xero as an administrator user

You will be shown a consent screen, describing what access Trelica will have to your Xero data. Assuming you are in agreement, click Allow access.

You will now be shown a screen listing expense categories to import. We preselect some that look relevant but please check the list and add additional categories which might contain SaaS spend data:

You can also choose the earliest period to import data from. This is helpful if you have many years of data in Xero since you are probably only going to want to import historic SaaS spend data from the last year or two.

Once you're ready, click Import.

View users

The integration runs in the background. It may take some time to run. The screen will update you on progress but you can safely navigate away and come back later to check progress on the Xero integration page.

Once complete, click View application to see the users imported from Xero:

View and manage transaction mappings

Trelica will also have imported spend data from Xero. You can review this by going to Spend and clicking on the Xero spend data source on the right-hand side:

Trelica will automatically try to match transactions with applications. The transactions page lets you search for specific transactions and match or correct applications matched.

To view a summary dashboard about application spend go to the Spend menu.

Scroll down to see various highlights.

Clicking View Insight will take you to the Spend insight report (also available by going to the Reports menu).

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