For importing purchase order or spend transactions from Workday we recommend using Workday Reporting-as-a-Service (RaaS). This gives you full control over the data being sent. Please contact us for more details.

Create an API client in Workday

The first step is to create an API client in Workday.

You must be log in to Workday as an admin.

Type Register API Client into the Workday search bar to find the page for creating a new API client.

  • Enter Trelica as the Client Name.
  • Select Authorization Code Grant for Client Grant Type.
  • Choose Bearer for Access Token Type.

The Redirect URI must be set to:

Check the box Non-Expiring Refresh Tokens. If you prefer you can set the Refresh Token Timeout (in days) field instead.

For the Scope (Functional Areas) field, please choose:

  • Organizations and Roles
  • Staffing
  • Tenant Non-Configurable

Select OK. The Client ID and Client Secret will be generated.

Keep the browser open, as you will need to enter these into Trelica.

Set up Trelica

Log in to Trelica and find the Workday integration under Admin > Integrations

Click Connect and then cut and paste the information from the Workday API Client into Trelica:

Click Done in Workday, and Connect in Trelica.

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