Sage Intacct

Configuring Intacct

Subscribe to Web Services

  • Go to Company > Admin > Subscriptions
  • Find Web Services and click on it to Subscribe, if this is not already enabled.

Enabling Web Services on the Company / Subscriptions page

IP address

This step only applies if your security team restricts connections to Sage Intacct based on IP addresses

If you are restricting access by IP address you may need to add the Trelica IP address:

  • Go to Company > Setup > Company and click Edit
  • Click on the Security tab
  • Go to the field labelled Enforce IP address filters, click the Edit button, and then the Pencil icon.
  • Add the IP address

Sender ID

Add the Trelica Sender ID to the allowed list.

  • Go to Company > Setup > Company

  • Click the Edit button and click on the Security tab
  • Go the section labelled Web Services authorizations and click Add:

Add the Sender ID TrelicaMPP and click Save.

Creating a Web services user account

Do you use Role or User-based permissions in Intacct?

Depending on whether you use Role or User-based permissions, configuration is slightly different.

To find out which permissions you use, go to Company > Setup > Company Info, scroll to the Global settings block and look for the Permission type field.

Create a Role

If you use Role-based permissions, then you will first need to create a role and assign some permissions. You will then go on to create a web services user and assign this new role to the user.

If you use User-based permissions, then skip this step, and go on to Create a web services user. Once the web services user is created, you will then be asked to define the permissions for the user. Just follow the guidance in the Specifying permissions section.

  • Go to Company > Admin > Roles and click the Add button
  • Input a name for the role, e.g. Trelica Integration, and optionally a description.
  • Click the Save button

Specifying permissions

You will then be taken through to a screen where you can define permissions for the role. This screen is in two parts. The first shows the different modules. Click the Permissions button for each module listed below.

Then check the box for the relevant permissions and click Save when you are done, and move on to the next module that needs permissions setting.

Module / Type Permission(s) to select
Departments View
Locations View
Employees View + Edit (for deprovisioning)
Cash Management  
Credit Card Transactions View
General Ledger  
Accounts View
Accounts Payable  
Bills View
Adjustments View
Time & Expenses  
Expense Summaries View Expense

When you have defined all the permissions, click the Save button.

Create a web services user

Web service users are not billable in Sage Intacct.

  • Go to Company > Admin > Web Service users and click Add

Input values for these fields:

Field Value
Last name Integration
First name Trelica
Email address An email account you have access to. See note below.
Contact name Choose your user account
User name (This will be filled out automatically)
User type Business
Admin privileges Choose Full if you want Trelica to have the ability to deprovision users
Status Active

If you are using Role-based permissions, click on the Roles information tab and select the role created in the prior step.

Click Save.

If you are using User-based permissions you will now need to assign the permissions described in the Specifying permissions section.

Receiving your credentials

Your password will then be sent to the email address you specify above**.**

The email address may not belong to an existing Sage Intacct user, which can be problematic. We suggest using an alias if you have one, or if you use Google Workspace, you can simply add a "+" prefix to the name part of your email, e.g.

Entering your credentials into Trelica

Log in to Trelica and either go to Admin > Integrations, and search for Sage Intacct, or find the the Sage Intacct application profile and click Connect.

You will be shown more details of the integration, and click Connect again:

Enter the details from the email you received in the relevant fields and click Connect:

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