Connecting to OneLogin will let Trelica read applications you have configured and users assigned to them. Optionally you can also enable deprovisioning to allow deactivation or deletion of OneLogin users via Trelica.

Connecting to OneLogin

Go to Administration and then choose Developers and API Credentials:

Click New Credential in the API Access page:

Enter a name (e.g. Trelica - Integration) and choose the appropriate access scope:

  • if you intend to use provisioning or deprovisioning you will need to select Manage all
  • otherwise, select Read all

Click Save:



The Client ID and Client Secret will be shown. Cut and paste these into Trelica before clicking Done.


OneLogin user statuses in Trelica

The Deactivated status in Trelica means that a user does not have access and is not being paid for. Suspended means that the user does not have access (likely temporarily) and the seat is being paid for.

OneLogin status Trelica status
Active Active
Unactivated Invited
Suspended Deactivated
Awaiting password reset Suspended
Locked Suspended
Password expired Suspended
Pending Suspended

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