When you try to connect to Trelica you will be asked for a username, password, organization ID and developer key. This article shows you how to find these credentials.

Connecting to from Trelica

Trelica recommends creating a dedicated user account in to be used by the integration. You can then input the Username and Password for that user when connecting.

Your Organization ID and Developer key should have been shared with you when you were granted API access by If you haven't already been provisioned with API access you'll need to contact in order to request access.

You should also be able to find your Organization ID by logging in to and navigating to Settings > Your Company > Profile. Where you can then look at the end of the URL, .../Organization?id=. The Organization ID is a unique alphanumeric value that begins with 008.

If you can't follow the steps above because looks different, please reach out to to assist you as they've recently started rolling out a fresh new look for some of their UI.

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