When you try to connect to Trelica you will be asked for a username, password, and developer key. This article shows you how to find these credentials. may charge an additional fee for API access. Contact your sales representative or account manager if you do not already have API access.

Creating a token

You can connect to Trelica by entering your username and password. Rather than do this, we recommend create a token instead. This is more secure since the token can be revoked and by default it has more limited access rights.

  1. Sign in to 
  2. Click Settings at the top-right of your account.
  3. Under Apps click Tokens.
  4. Click New to create a new sync token.
  5. Enter a name (e.g. trelica) and click Save.
    This name should be used as the User name that you enter in Trelica.
  6. You will then be shown a password. 

Your Developer key should have been shared with you when you were granted API access by If you haven't already been provisioned with API access you'll need to contact in order to request access.

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