Send email from your own domain

You will need to make DNS configuration changes if you want to send emails from Trelica using an email address belonging to your organization.

How does Trelica send emails?

By default, Trelica will send emails from However, if you're communicating with employees you may prefer to have emails sent from an email address that belongs to your organization.


For the purposes of illustration, let's suppose you work for XYZ corp. You may wish to have emails from Trelica come from

If Trelica tries to send emails from without appropriate configuration, then they will almost certainly be marked as spam (if indeed they are delivered at all).

Change the sender address in Trelica

Go to Admin > Settings > Notifications.


Expand the Email settings > Sender panel and click Change:

If you want to send from a different domain, change the Sender address dropdown.

If you don't see your domain then please contact Trelica Support and Customer Success.

Whilst it's technically simple for Trelica to send an email from a different domain, there are various technical measures put in place by companies that manage email to reject such emails (SPF and DKIM). You must therefore go through a special process to authenticate your domain, and thereby communicate to email servers that Trelica is authorized to send email from your company's domain.

This involves altering the "DNS" records for your domain. You will probably need support from someone who manages your web infrastructure to make these changes.

Make and validate DNS record changes

Once you have entered the email address, click Save.

You will now be shown the CNAME record host names and values that need to set. Email will not be sent from the new address until these values are set and validated.

Sender email settings unauthenticated.png

At this point you will need to update the DNS for your domain. The way you do this will depend on how your DNS is managed. We've included a screenshot from GoDaddy, who have a widely used domain management tool, but the principle will be the same.

You will need to add all three records.

Note that for some DNS providers you do not need to enter your full domain name for the host, e.g. you can just enter trelica instead of or trelica._domainkey instead of as the host.

In the unlikely event that the default CNAME host name clashes with an existing DKIM record then you will need to click Change and define a prefix in the Use custom DKIM setting described below.

Once you've set the DKIM CNAME records you can click Validate in Trelica. Providing you have made the changes correctly, each record will be shown with a tick. If there are any issues found you will need to correct them and revalidate before the new email address will be used for sending email.

Sender email settings.png

Advanced settings

There are two checkboxes which may need further explanation.

Use custom DKIM

Authenticating your domain involves setting so-called CNAME records on your DNS. You may have already set DKIM CNAME records on your domain, so by adding a prefix to the CNAME record you can disambiguate the Trelica DKIM settings. By default we use the prefix trelica so it's unlikely there's a clash.

Use custom sub-domain

Some emails Trelica sends contain clickable links. By default these will go to Spam filters and recipient servers look at the links within emails to determine whether the email looks trustworthy. If you use your own domain in email links, then you are no longer relying on links going through a domain that you do not control.

If your domain is, then the custom sub-domain of trelica will mean that email links will be included as

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