Generating an API token

  1. Open the Zenefits dashboard in your web browser.
  2. Click the hamburger icon on the top navigation bar to open the sidebar.
  3. Select Company Profile, then click Custom Integrations.
  4. Click Add Token to create a new REST API token, ensuring the following checkboxes are checked:
    Required fields Optional fields
    • Companies
    • Company's Locations
    • Company's Departments
    • People
    • Person's Department
    • Person's Location
    • Manager
    • Status
    • Work email
    • Employments
    • Employment type
    • Home address
    • Personal email
    • Personal phone
    • Work phone
  5. The new token will appear as a secret. Click the eye icon to view and enter the token into Trelica.

Zenefits fields imported

Trelica Zenefits
Email Work Email
First name Preferred Name. If not present Trelica takes First Name
Last name  
Job title  
Start date Start date from most recent employment record
Leaving date Termination date from most recent employment record.
Person Type See mapping based on Employment Subtype table below.
Team Department
Location Location
Employee ID Employee number
Roles Full admin or Admin flag from Zenefits
Line manager Manager

Zenefits employee type mapping

Trelica distills the Zenefits subtypes into employee, contractor and external as follows:

Zenefits Employment Subtype Trelica type
Full Time Employee
Part Time Employee
Intern Employee
Agency Paid Temp Employee
Company Paid Temp Employee
Independent Contractor Contractor
Vendor Employee External
Volunteer External

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