Google Sheets

Sometimes it's helpful to synchronize asset data from a Google Sheet.

Google Sheets produces links that are hard to guess, but are not secured in any other way.

For this reason we do not recommend storing sensitive data.

If data is removed from the sheet, Trelica will treat the asset as retired.

Publishing your Sheet

First publish your sheet by going to Share > Publish to web:

Choose Comma-separated values (.csv) as the format, select the sheet to publish and optionally check Automatically republish when changes are made:

Do not check Restrict access to the following.

You will then be shown the published URL which you will need to cut and paste into Trelica:

Trelica will synchronise the following column names:

Column Name Synonyms
External Id Id
Model Name Model
Hardware Vendor Vendor, Manufacturer
Serial Number Serial, Serial #
Device Name Device, Name, Friendly Name
Asset Tag Tag
Assigned to Email Assigned To, Owner, Owned By
Location Assigned Location
Notes Memo, Info
Purchased Dtm Purchase Date, Date Purchased, Purchased Date, Acquired, Purchased
Disposal Dtm Disposed, Disposal
Net Price Price, Paid, Cost
Net Price Currency Currency
Warranty Expiration date Warranty Expiration, Warranty Expires
Lifespan Expiration date EOL, End Of Life
Platform Type, OS, Operating System
Status Current Status
Asset Type Type
Enrolled date Enrolled, First Seen, First Enrolled
Last Sync date Last Sync, Last Seen
OS Version Version, Operating System Version
Is Encrypted? Encrypted

Asset statuses

Status Synonyms
New New
Ready To Deploy Ready To Deploy, Ready, Pending
Deployed Deployed, Active, In Use
Out For Repair Out For Repair, Repair, Defective, Damaged
Retired Retired, Dead, Lost

Device platforms

Platform Synonyms
iOS iPhone
Mac OSX, macOS
Windows Microsoft, Win32, Win64
Linux CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Red Hat, OpenSUSE, Mint, Linux Mint, RHE, Kali, Zorin, Zorin OS, Knoppix
ChromeOS Chrome, Chromebook

Asset types

Asset type Synonyms
Desktop Computer Desktop
Mobile Phone Cell Phone, Cell, Smartphone
Monitor Display, Screen
Mouse Trackpad
Network Equipment Network, Router, Firewall
Peripherals Devices
Printer Laser Printer, Laser
Projector Beamer
Tablet iPad
Telephone & VoIP VoIP, Speakerphone
TV Flat Screen
Virtual Machine VM
Other Misc

Trelica accepts different capitalization or spacing.

Data requirements

Synchronized Sheets must contain either a Serial Number or External ID, and they must include a Model Name.

If a provided Model Name is matched in the global asset library Trelica will assign the Asset Type from our library and the value provided for this field in your Sheet will be ignored.

If a provided Model Name is not matched in the global asset library the integration will use any valid Asset Type value provided. If the provided value is not valid Trelica defaults to Asset Type "Other".

Please ensure that dates are formatted as yyyy-mm-dd or dd mmm yyyy, e.g. 2023-02-19 or 19 Feb 2023. 

Go to FormatNumberCustom date and time:

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