SAP Concur

This article describes how to generate credentials to connect Trelica to SAP Concur.

Log in to Concur as an administrator.

Go to Administration > Company > Authentication Admin:

Click on OAuth 2.0 Application Management:

In the Application list view, click Create New App:

In the Create New App screen:

  1. Enter an App Name (e.g. 'Trelica') and App Description ('Trelica connector').
  2. For the Allowed Grants enter:
    refresh_token password client_credentials
  3. The Allowed Scopes depend on the features you enable when you connect SAP Concur to Trelica:

    Users (required)
    Additional user data (optional)

    Expense reports (optional) user_read BANK CCARD COMPANY EXPRPT EXTRCT FOP GHOST INVVEN
    Additional receipt data (optional) IMAGE

    Provisioning and Deprovisioning (optional)


Click Submit.

You will now be shown the Client ID and Client Secret. Note these down (e.g. copy to a text editor) as you will need to enter these into Trelica later.

Go back to the Authentication Administration screen and click Company Request Token:

Enter the Client ID that you received earlier into the App ID field. 

Click Submit:

Finally you will be shown a Company UUID and Company Request Token. You will need to enter both of these into Trelica, so copy them to a text editor.


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