Trelica connects to ZoomInfo using SCIM. ZoomInfo requires SAML2 Single Sign On (SSO) to be enabled before you can create a SCIM token.

Creating a SCIM token

  1. Log in to the ZoomInfo Admin Portal and go to Company Settings > Auto Provisioning.
  2. Click Generate API Token.
  3. Copy the API Token and Base URL shown: you will need to enter this into Trelica.
  4. Ensure that the Auto Provisioning User Management switch is enabled.
If you have already generated a SCIM token for use in another identity provider (IdP) such as Okta then we recommend reusing the token for Trelica. If you refresh the token then you will need to update your identity provider with the new token.

Trelica will only read data by default, so it will not interfere if you already have an identity provider in charge of provisioning and deprovisioning.

If you don't have an identity provider managing users, then just select the Provisioning and Deprovisioning checkboxes when you connect from Trelica.

Due to the way ZoomInfo has implemented SCIM, Trelica can only read users that were originally created with SCIM. You may need to manually export and import users to Trelica to build the initial list. Please contact support@trelica.com for more advice or help.


  • Users must be assigned a ZoomInfo product license and role (User or Admin).
  • You must also choose how usage credits are assigned and reset when creating users.

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