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All paid plans for Stack Overflow for Teams include SCIM API access. This means that Trelica can access details about users. 

The SCIM API also supports reading and managing groups, as well as activating and deactivating accounts. Optionally you can enable setting user roles (making users administrators, moderators or regular users).

To access the SCIM API you must enable SAML2 SSO. The SCIM interface does not allow creating users - this is done 'just in time' when a user accesses Stack Overflow for Teams using SAML2 SSO.

To create a token, go to Admin settings > SCIM integration and click Generate token:

You can then copy the token to the clipboard:

Personal access token (for usage data)

Stack Overflow also has another API which returns usage data (last activity, reputation and badge counts). This requires a personal access token (PAT) to access it.

Go to your avatar at the top-right and choose Account settings and then Personal access tokens:

Enter a description (e.g. Trelica) and the team you wish to read from. We recommend not setting an expiration data.

You do not need to enable write access.

Click Create.

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