When connecting Looker to Trelica you will be asked to provide instance URL, Client ID and Secret. This article outlines how to find and create these values

Your Looker Instance URL is the first part of the URL you use to access looker e.g. https://companyName.cloud.looker.com.

You can generate a Client ID and Secret for a specific user within Looker. As will all integrations we recommend that you use a dedicated service account to do this.

Log in to Looker and navigate to Admin > Users to create your service account user. As a minimum the service account user must have at least the see_users permission before you create the API key.

Once the user has been created click Edit keys.

In the Edit keys page you will see existing API keys.

Click New API key to create a new key.

Copy the Client ID and Secret values into the connection dialogue for the Trelica integration.


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