ManageEngine ADManager Plus (On-premise)

When connecting ADManager Plus to Trelica, you will be asked for an "Authtoken". This guide explains how to provide this parameter.

You will need either the helpdesk technician or built-in admin role delegation to generate an Authtoken.

There are two ways to generate an authtoken:

  1. Via the My Account menu (requires the helpdesk technician role)
  2. Via the Delegation menu (requires the built-in admin role)

The following information should be entered into the authtoken form:

  1. The technician for whom you'd like to generate an authtoken
  2. The name of the authtoken
  3. The scopes of the authtoken:
    1. Create user action
    2. Read user action
    3. Update user action
    4. Read group action
    5. Update group action
  4. The expiry time of the authtoken

My Account

  1. In ADManager Plus, navigate to My Account > Active Authtokens
  2. Click the Generate Authtoken button


  1. In AD Manager Plus, navigate to Delegation > Technician Authtokens.
  2. Click the Generate Authtoken button.

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