When you try to connect Pandadoc to Trelica you will be asked for an API key. This article shows you how to locate this key

You must be an administrator on an Enterprise license plan with an API bundle in Pandadoc in order to connect with Trelica.

To find your Pandadoc API key:

  1. Login to Pandadoc with an administrator account.
  2. Select the Settings menu (denoted with a cog icon in the left-hand side menu).
  3. Click on Developer dashboard and then select the Configuration tab.
  4. From this screen you will be able to see if you have access to a Production key (if you do not see a production key value this suggests you are either not on an Enterprise plan, or have not purchased an API bundle).
  5. Copy your Production key and paste it into the integration configuration dialogue for Pandadoc in Trelica.

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