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Creating an Integration System User and Group

  1. In the Search field enter Create Integration System User and select the Create Integration System User task.
  2. Enter a username and password for the new Integration System User. You will need to enter these into Trelica when you connect the Workday report.

    Make sure that Require New Password at Next Sign In is unchecked

  3. Set Session Timeout Minutes to 0.
  4. Check Do not allow UI Sessions.

To assign permissions in Workday you should also create an Integration System Security Group.

  1. In the Search field enter Create Security Group and select the Create Security Group task.
  2. Choose Integration System Security Group (Unconstrained) from the Type of Tenanted Security Group dropdown list.
  3. Enter a name (e.g. trelica-sg) and create the group.
  4. Assign the Integration Security User you just created to the new group in the Group Criteria section.

Assigning permissions to the group

In the Search field enter Domain Security Configuration and select the Domain Security Configuration task.

The next steps will be repeated for a series of domains. The domains are:

  • Workday Accounts
  • Worker Data Public Worker Reports
  • Person Data Work Contact Information
  • Worker Data Current Staffing Information
  • Worker Data All Positions
  • Worker Data Business Title on Worker Profile

For each of the domains listed above:

  1. Search for the domain, click the “...” next to the domain name, and select Actions > Domain > Edit Security Policy Permissions.
  2. Under Integrated Permissions, add the security group you just created (trelica-sg) and select the checkbox in the Get column.
  3. Select OK and then Done.

Once you have added all the domains you need, you can consent to the Activate Pending Security Policy Changes prompt.

If you are not prompted then search for Activate Pending Security Policy Changes in the Search field, enter a comment, and check Confirm.

This action is required in order to put the security policy changes into effect.

Sharing your report with the group

  1. Find your report and choose Action > Custom Report > Edit.
  2. In the Additional Info section, click Share.
  3. Look at the Report Definition Sharing Options section, and choose Share with specific authorized groups and users.
  4. Enter the username of the Integration System User you created earlier into the Authorized Users field.
  5. Click Enter and OK.
  6. Now choose Action > Web Service > View URLs.
  7. In the JSON section, right-click JSON and select Copy URL

Creating your report

  1. Click on Reporting & Analytics > Create Custom Report
  2. Set Report Type to Advanced (only Advanced custom reports can be used for RaaS).
  3. Ensure Enable as Web Service and Optimized for Performance is checked.
  4. Choose All Active and Terminated Workers as the Data Source
  5. Click OK.
  6. Under Additional Info select the Columns tab.
  7. Click the + button to add each column to the report.
Field name Notes
Email_Address Worker's primary email address
Active_Status Is the Worker active? (1 or 0)
Manager_Email_Address Manager's primary email address
Retired Is the Worker retired? (1 or 0)
Hire_Date Most recent hire date e.g. 2023-04-03
End_Employment_Date End of employment date e.g. 2023-05-14
Employee_Type e.g. Employee
Business_Title Job title
Personal_Email_Address Optional

Sharing your report

Once you've created your report click on the Share tab in the Additional Info section.

  1. Select Share with specific authorized groups and users
  2. Enter the user name of the Integration System User that you created at the start.
  3. Now choose Actions > Web Service > View URLs.

  4. In the JSON section, right-click JSON and select Copy URL.

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