When connecting Trelica to Seismic, you will be asked for a Tenant Name, Client ID and Client Secret. This guide explains how to obtain these parameters.

Tenant Name

This can be found in the URL shown in the browser when signed in to Seismic, e.g. https://{myorganization}

Client ID and Client Secret

You must first create an App in Seismic and enable it:

You need to be a Seismic Premium user with Full Control (System Administrator) permissions in order to create an app.

  1. Log in to the Seismic App Registry at:
  2. Click the Orange + button at the top right of App Reg to begin creating your app.

  3. On the Basic Information tab, enter a name, email and short description:
  4. On the Authentication tab, enter the following:
    1. Do you need authentication for your App? - Yes
    2. Authentication Method - OAuth2 - Authorization Code Flow (User Authentication)
    3. Redirect URIs - (if on Trelica US) OR (if on Trelica EU)
    4. Scopes - seismic.user.view and seismic.user.manage
  5. Save your app.
  6. Copy your Client ID and Client Secret, which are revealed upon saving the app.

Now enable your new app by going to Settings > System Settings > My Apps (at the bottom of the list).

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