ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus (Cloud)

These instructions apply to the Cloud version of ServiceDesk Plus.

User management

ServiceDesk Plus splits users into Requesters and Technicians. Technicians have specific roles within ServiceDesk Plus, whereas Requesters are typically employees who can raise and view their own Requests. 

Trelica lets you create both types of user.

Users are paid for if a login method is assigned. Deactivating a user will leave the user in ServiceDesk Plus but they will no longer be able to log in and will not be counted as a licensed user.

Setting up an automation to update Trelica when Requests are closed

Trelica can create Requests in ServiceDesk Plus using the ServiceDesk Plus API. ServiceDesk Plus however does not support notifying Trelica when Requests are updated.

You can however use the Automations feature of ServiceDesk Plus to create a webhook to notify Trelica.  

Callback URL

Before starting you will need to take a copy of the Callback URL that Trelica providers when you connect ServiceDesk Plus: 

Creating the Trigger

Go to Setup > Automation > Triggers and create a new Request Trigger:

Give the Trigger a name and description e.g. 'Request resolved' and 'Notify Trelica that a request has been resolved'.

The trigger should:

  1. Execute when a request is Edited.
  2. Be applied Based on conditions.
  3. The condition should include Status is Resolved or Closed and preferrably some other differentiator. Trelica sets a Trelica tag on all requests it creates but unfortunately the Automation Triggers don't offer this option.
  4. The trigger should be executed When any field in the condition is edited.

Finally, you will need to add a Webhook action:

Choose New webhook

Give the Webhook a name e.g. 'Update Trelica Task'.

  1. Paste in the Callback URL that you took from Trelica earlier in these instructions.
  2. Set the Method to POST.
  3. The Message Body must be JSON.
  4. Paste in the following block:
    "id": "${id}",
    "statusName": "${}",
    "dueDtm": "${due_by_time}"

Save and Select the Trigger.

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