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When you try to connect MongoDB Atlas to Trelica you will be asked for a Public Key and Private Key. This article explains what to provide for these parameters.

As an administrator, you may have received an invitation from someone in your IT team asking you to connect MongoDB Atlas to Trelica.

To get the required credentials you must create an API Key for your organization. 

Most actions require Organization API Keys.

From your MongoDB cloud dashboard open the Access Manager menu and select Organization Access:

Select Create API Key:

Enter a description.

The Permissions you require will vary depending on what functionality you enable when connecting from Trelica.

e.g. just reading users and roles requires read only access, whereas reading invited users (somewhat oddly) requires ownership rights.

You should configure the minimum permissions you require.

Reading users and roles Organization Read Only Organization Member
Invited users Organization Owner

Managing IP addresses requires a Project role API key which is discussed below.

You can also see this in Trelica when you select the features you require:

Configure permissions in the Organization Permissions dropdown:

Click Next and you will be presented with the Public Key and Private Key:

We recommend that you use the API Access List to restrict access to Trelica IP addresses.

Creating a Project API Key

Trelica also lets you manage MongoDB IP addresses. This is however done at project scope, and requires additional Project API keys.

Select a project:

Now that you have a project in scope you can click the Access Manager again, and select Project Access.

Click Create API Key:

Enter a name, and select the required Project Permissions:


Managing IP addresses Project Read Only Project Owner

Click Next and take a copy of the Public and Private Keys.



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