To connect SentinelOne you must provide your URL and an API token for an Administrator account.

Your SentinelOne URL is typically something like

To create an API token:

  1. In the SentinelOne management console, go to Settings, and then click Users.
  2. Click on the Admin user for which you want to generate the API token.
  3. Click Generate next to API Token.
  4. Copy the API token and paste it into the integration connection settings in Trelica
If Revoke and Regenerate are present, you already have a token. If you revoke or regenerate it, scripts that use that token will not work. There is no confirmation.
Revoke removes the token authorization, while Regenerate revokes the token and generates a new token. If you click Generate or Regenerate, a message shows the token string and the date that the token expires.
The API token is valid for 6 months.

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