In order to connect to SmartRecruiters  you must login as an administrator and then create a Client ID and Client Secret.

Login to SmartRecruiters with your administrator account and click on your Profile icon at the top right of the page.

Select Settings/Admin from the menu.

Under Company Settings find the Administration section, and select Apps & Integrations.

Select the Credentials tab and then click New Credential.

Choose OAuth client ID and click Next.

You will need to provide the Credential name, Description, and then select the following scopes:

  • Access Users (users_read)
  • Manager Users (users_manage) - this is optional, but will be required if you want to use Trelica to manage provisioning, deprovisioning and/or group membership of users.

Click Generate.

Copy the Client ID and Client secret that are displayed in the pop-up, and paste them into the integration connection settings for SmartRecruiters in Trelica. Note, these credentials will only be visible while the pop-up is open; once you close the credentials pop-up in SmartRecruiters you will not be able to access them again.


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