When connecting Sentry to Trelica you'll be asked for a User Authentication Token and optionally a SCIM Token. This article explains how to obtain them.


User Authentication Token

  1. Navigate to User settings:

  2. Choose User Auth Tokens under API, and click Create New Token:

  3. . Check the org:read box in the Scopes section then click Create Token:

    If the user that created the token is removed from the organization, you'll need to generate a new token and reconnect the integration in Trelica.

SCIM Token

This token is only required when using the Groups, Provisioning and/or Deprovisioning features in Trelica.

  1. Go to Settings and under the Organization section select Auth:

  2. Under General Settings check Enable SCIM and then click Save Settings:  
  3. The token will be automatically generated and presented to you.

    SCIM Credentials Fields

If you change the organization slug in Sentry, you will need to reconnect the integration in Trelica.

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