Google Sheets

Sometimes it's helpful to supplement existing People data with data from a Google sheet.

To do this, you need to first publish your sheet by going to Share > Publish to web:

Choose Comma-separated values (.csv) as the format, select the sheet to publish and optionally check Automatically republish when changes are made:

You will then be shown the published URL which you will need to cut and paste into Trelica:

Trelica will synchronise the following column names:

Column Name Synonyms
Id Unique Id
Email Email Address
Employee Id Employee Ref
First Name  
Last Name Surname
Name Full Name, Employee Name
Job Title Title
Location Office, Place of Employment, Work Address
Start Date Hire Date, Date of Employment
Leaving Date Termination Date, Termination
Team Ids Team
Person Type Type, Employee Type
Line Manager Email Manager Email

Trelica accepts different capitalization or spacing.

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